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365 Archery Revolve 2.0 Range Target System

$399.99 - $999.99
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Revolve 2.0 Range

365 Archery Revolve 2.0 Range Target System

The all Revolve Range System is the ideal target for a commercial range that experiences a high volume of shooters. This system combines a replaceable foam front with a long lasting high density layered bag target.  

  • Unlike most range targets the foam front on the Revolve 2.0 allows paper targets to lay flat when they are pinned to the surface, even when the target has seen a lot of abuse. The foam front has 4 sections of foam that can be rotated and replaced to keep your range looking new.
  • The high density layered bag target portion of the target is extra deep to allow years of durability.
  • The best part of this target is the very easy arrow removal and the ability to stop all bows and crossbows.  
  • All components of the Revolve 2.0 Range System can be easily replaced and is available in 24"x24", 24"x48", and 48"x48" sizes (all 3 sizes are 24" in depth).
  • Available with optional wheel casters.