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365 Archery 5 Core High Performance Target

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365 Archery 5 Core High Performance Target

The 48" 5-Core HP Target System utilizes 5 replaceable 10" cubes, that can be rotated to the 6 different shooting sides. Each side of the cube has a bullseye pattern and can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new target. Because of the multiple core design, the 5-core target is the ideal archery target for multiple shooters or a family that enjoys shooting together. The 48" black outer provides a large backstop for catching stray arrows, while the yellow cores are designed to take the abuse of repeated shots. Our special proprietary blend of self-healing foam makes for easy arrow removal and long target life. Product includes a 48" black outer area that is 5" thick, 5-10" yellow cores and a base.

Product Weight: 84 lbs.

1 Review

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    Dramatically Improved My Confidence

    Posted by G on Jul 14th 2020

    I bought this for my first Western Mule Deer Antelope hunt. This thing is huge and gave me the confidence to step back and practice in high winds and rain and low light (with only broadheads for the last 2 months). I wish the center core was larger than the others just because I have torn up the black around the center with misses. I was easily the best shot in camp this year. I paid a lot to go on a hunt. I know this thing is expensive but nothing compared to missing on game. I made 2 single shot kills over 60 yards.