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DVS Pro Stabilizer

This is the ultimate stabilizer that incorporates 365's DVS vibration dampening gel inside the stabilizer and Mathews proven harmonic dampener with an adjustable weight system to get the perfect feel and performance out of your bow. The DVS Pro Stabilizer includes (2) 1 oz weights for adjustment.


365 SBS Side Bar Bracket

The 365 SBS Sidebar bracket gives you the ability to balance your bows weight load from front to back and side to side. The SBS Side Bar bracket is available for the DVS Pro, VKO, DVS and KO Stabilizers. Each of these sidebar stabilizers will also include 2 additional 2oz weights, with the ability to add more weight if desired.


The DVS Pro, VKO, DVS and KO Stabilizers are available in a DVS combo. These combos would include a DVS stabilizer with 2-2 oz weights and a back bar bracket. This DVS back bar setup is the ultimate in bow balancing technology.

365 KO Cap Colors