365 Archery Stabilizer Technology

Why It Works: When we talk about why 365’s Stabilizers work, it is more detailed than most people think. Essentially the purpose of the Stabilizer and adding weight to a bow is to raise its moment of inertia. The moment of inertia (MOI) is the measures of an objects resistance to rotation. A high MOI is very resistant to torque where a low MOI is not resistant thus very unforgiving. The higher your MOI the more forgiving your shot will be. The patented design of 365 Stabilizers has the MOI (internal weight) at the furthest point of attachment from the bow or what we like to call the “Attitude Point”.



Taking the time to incorporate a good Stabilizer setup to your bow will help keep your pin on target. When aiming…your pin will start to do one of three movements depending on muscle memory, stance, weight displacement, etc. Sometimes your pin will move side to side, where other times it moves more up and down, and sometimes it floats around in circles or figure eights. With a good stabilizer setup you can minimize pin movement by following some simple steps that will increase accuracy (see diagram). 365 Archery Stabilizers are all threaded with a 5/16-24 thread to add weight were it is needed to achieve optimum stabilization. If you look at the diagram below you will see exactly what we are talking about by adding weight throughout certain points of your bow for less pin movement, thus better accuracy. Needless to say, 365 Stabilizers are the best on the market.


Feb 15th 2014 365 Archery

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