24" x 24" Revolve All Foam Range Target

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24-Revolve-All Foam


365 Archery 24" x 24" Revolve All Foam Range Target

The Revolve Range System is the last range target you will ever need. 365 Archery's patent pending design allows each 4"x 4" row of foam to be rotated to each of the 4 shooting surfaces and they can also be swapped out to another position on the target. Each target has a tightening mechanism on the front that allows the foam rows to be compressed to keep them in place. This user friendly design allows all the rotating and re-positioning of the foam rows to be done from the front of the target, no need to remove the target from your range wall. 

The Revolve Range System comes in 3 sizes: 24"x 24", 24"x 48" and 48"x 48". Each of those sizes comes in 2 variations:

  • One version has a single row of foam, along with our high density bag target behind that 
  • 2nd version has 3 layers of foam rows, for a total of 36 pieces (18 rows of foam on the all foam 24"x 24" size) that can be rotated and moved around. Making it the most functional and enduring target on the market. 

Both versions offer easy arrow removal and can handle all speeds of crossbows. 

Add-on options like the wheel kit and bulls-eye covers add to the versatility of this system. If you are tired of throwing away a range target because just the center is shot out, 365 Archery's Revolve Range System is the answer you have been looking for!

365 Archery is founded on the principles of making pro shop quality performance products that exceed expectations. With over 20 years experience in the industry selling and fixing archery equipment we know the critical spots in engineering products that need attention and will not fail on you in the field. 365 Archery also believes that for the consumer to experience the best results with our products that having the help and knowledge of a great pro shop is critical. With that belief 365 Archery products are only available thru a network of qualified pro shop partners that will make sure you are getting the proper equipment selection for your application and also support quickly and efficiently if needed.



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